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Ack! As usual, I am tardy. 

Forgive me, much of this is recycled from last year:

I like a broad spectrum of fic - I will not be disappointed.  And I'm not the type of reader to get hung up on things.  (Example:  You've made Hermione a student at University!  I hate that.  This one minor detail will now ruin the entire fic for me!)  I know I will love and appreciate my giftfic.  Honestly, there's no way I can dislike it.  If you put time and thought into it, I will love it. 

My guidelines and preferences are simply that.  Follow your Muse and intuition.  Write what makes you happy and I will share your joy. 

But here are some things that make me happy:

I find a Hermione who isn't dazzled by every pearl of wisdom from Severus to be refreshing.  I like a mature Hermione who gives as good as she gets.  I like a vulnerable Severus, a complex Severus, and an often drunk Severus...  I like banter and playfulness. I enjoy it when Severus is able to teach Hermione something outside of Potions, and vice versa. 

I do have a pet peeve in "OMG, You're letting me call you by your first name!!!" moments. 

I value creativity and like to be delighted by a different twist on things.  Angst for the sake of angst is often wankst, but spine-tingling UST is wonderful.  Humor is always appreciated.
Gently unfolding fics that are filled with character development are just as appreciated as smutty PWPs.  It's OK if you're not comfortable writing lemons, or explicit.  Actually, things left unsaid can often be much more powerful than explicit content. 

Other favorite characters:  Crookshanks, Rita Skeeter, Gilderoy Lockhart, Tonks, Aberforth
Disliked characters: Lav Lav, Molly, Remus, Albus Dumbledore.

Regarding Art - same thing applies - follow your Muse and let her play, use what works for you and I will love it.  I would add: I do not like celebrity photos.


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