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Picspam is of the felting variety.  Even though it's a lot, it's only limited to a few things - I need to sell soon just to have space.

As for writing, I'm nearly done with the gift fic for morethansirius (I only owed it to her months ago).  It keeps growing and growing. But now that I'm in the last stretch, the words just aren't coming.  I'm not happy about that.  I need to kick my own butt and finish it.  I think a writing goal of chap/week is reasonable... let's hope that works.

Many of my friends are going through rough patches at the moment. I feel blessed that right now my life has been mercifully calm.  My love, support, and warm hugs to all who need/want them.

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28 Apr 2010 04:48 pm
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JOY!  Outrageous amounts of joy!

This morning Mr. AV had a meeting with the director of an artist co-op.  Before he left the house, I stuffed some of my handmade felted pieces in his pockets, with the directions of, "If it's appropriate for conversation, will you show these to them?  If not, it's cool."

He returned this afternoon with a gallery-space and gift shop contract.  They LOVE it.  They don't have anyone exhibiting anything close to what I do, and they're chomping for pieces for their shop.  They loved the purse... and have asked for 10-15 more, bigger if possible.  And they suggest I raise my prices.



(Now all I've got to do is make 10-15 more purses...)

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After the success of the Bellatrix-meets-Martha-Stewart post,  'How to make a Death Eater Mask,' I thought I'd post another How To.  This time I'll show you the steps of how to make a lurvely Harry Potter inspired quill.  If this becomes popular, I'll start posting more of my How To's, given I really enjoy crafting.

Just a taste of what's below the cut:


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