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Permit me to SQUEE a bit over[info]dixiebell12 for a moment.

A little over 3 weeks ago, some very pervy friends started [info]hp_perv_awards, and I wasn't certain how it was going to turn out.  And [info]droxy, who is awesome, because she's droxy, says, 'Let's see if dix will do the art.'  And I nodded because droxy knows what she's talking about, and dix seems really cool.


If you haven't seen what dix has done to the perv website, you're missing out on something.  And those banners!!!  They're incredible.  I am so jealous!  I swore as a mod I'd never put my name in the hat for another perv award, but I've got a serious case of the 'I wants.'  I guess I figured she'd just do a template and insert names.  Oh no!  Dix is making customized banners for each winner weekly.  That deserves some MASSIVE KUDOS!!!



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Have you seen it?  The buzz on the Pervert Awards?  I bet you have.  I'm very excited about this community.  http://community.livejournal.com/hp_perv_awards/  

And today we posted our first solicitation for the Pervert of the Week.

Done anything pervy this week?  Write any good lemons?  Any smutty artists out there?  

I'm not one to say what is and is not pervy, but that's what makes this community brilliant.  It's all up to self-determination and interpretation.  That, and the bragging rights.

Go!  See the pervs, be a perv.  Embrace it, baby.

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(I already know[info]christev  is going to kill me for this, but I just can't help myself.)

If you hadn't already heard, I won the Pervert of the Day award for 25 May 2009.  Not only was I heartily congratulated and recognized for my pervertedness, I also recevied a FAB icon designed by Christev.  I won it for being a complete Perve-Swot, by knowing the definitions of some pervy-ass-shit.  (Which I readily concede, is rather tame, but I had no idea what I was stepping into, and given half the chance I know I could do much better - Honest!)

But like so many faboo things on lj, my ooh-shiny was definitely drool-worthy.  And now it's started something.  Everyone wants to be a pervert... or rather, showcase their considerable 'talents.'

Christev has yet to set rules and regulations on the award.  Prolly because she's been at work while all you perverts have been drooling over this.  I have no doubt that when she comes home she'll have nice prezzies in her inbox.  At present, the award is completely at her discretion.  There's been 2 official awards handed out:  Pervert of the Day 25 May 09 to me, and Schmexiest Lingerie to[info]droxy  for her infamous grey nightshirt.

I don't see why the competition can't go forward from here.  I won it for one day only, so I'm not worried about 'defending a crown' or anything - as intimated by others.  Rather, I'm also a voyeur-perve, and would like to see what Ya'll bring to the table.

So show me (or rather Christev) whatcha got.

(And now I know she will kill me.)



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