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I wasn't sure where to post this ficlet, or whether to post the ficlet at all.  So feedback is appreciated.  It's about 1,000 words.

I am not trying to make a political statement with this fic, and I’m not trying to be controversial.  It was inspired simply by a conversation with an adjudicator with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  And I’ve taken liberties with the process detailed in the fic.  My only thought to share is this: if you’re a natural-born citizen of the country of your choice, don’t take your privileges for granted.

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Ya'll know [livejournal.com profile] christev , right?  What, you don't know Chris?  Hm.  You totally ought to; she's tres chic.  Anyway, she's my lurvely and very cool Beta for TGC.  She was the woman who pulled out the books to research proper house-elf speech patterns and syntax.  That's how frickin' cool she is.

But ever since I first met her, she nearly had me convinced that she wasn't a writer.  Actually, she was pretty derned emphatic that she was strictly a Beta because she could not write.  She preferred to be a diligent, unsung Beta, hiding out in the background.

Well, lookie der.  Christev has published her first fic.  She posted Signed, Sealed and Delivered (which she wrote for me - Wooo-hooo! I feel so special) on TPP just today, and already she has 8 positive, encouraging reviews.  And even a plea for more.

So check it out!  I think her Severus is a gem.  I think you will too.

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Perhaps I should start by mentioning that I live in Northwest Louisiana, and our seasons are:  Sweltering Hot, Unbearably Humid Hot, and Crawfish.  Then, I ought to tell you that the A/C died Friday, and I can't get a repairman until Monday.  Inveriably, it will cost me $200 for him to flick a switch, or $2,000 to replace the unit that's been singning it's swansong.  Either way, I'm unenthusiastic.  Which brings us to our little tale of woe: the Birdie.  He's pictured sitting on the finial of my sewing room curtains, above.

We have all the fans going and windows opened.  All but the window on the kitchen door has a screen, and that's just cracked a smidge.  And the curious little birdie couldn't help himself and let himself in.  The cats went wild.  My intrepid wanna-be hunter, Moshe, and 'the bitch' Catherine, (as seen in previous posts) colluded together to swipe tailfeathers of this poor wayward avian.

I gave the bird no chance.  And wildly waving and pointing towards open windows just scared it.  NOTE TO SELF:  Hollering, "Hey Birdie, this window is open!"  Doesn't do a damn bit of good.

So, when there was a terrible clatter in my sewing room with lots of excited kitty chattering, I figured he time was neigh.  Nope.  Not dead yet. 
He was flying into closed windows, it was sad to watch, but it gave me an idea.  One of the windows in the room was missing a screen.  I opened it, and with my coaxing, and Moshe's dramatic leaping, chattering, and tail swishing, Birdie flew to safety.  It took a few times, but it ended well.  Until Moshe jumped through the open window to kitty-cat freedom as well. 

Sigh.  He's an indoor cat for a reason.  He's a total pussy who gets his ass beaten by neighborhood brutes everytime he escapes.  I found him sniffing at the hydrenga buds. *shakes head.*

Does anyone remember Brian Fellow's Safari Planet sketches from Sat Night Live?  That's been in the back of my brain since this started.

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Click the cut if you have any interest in hearing my Microsoft rant.

Sufficed to say I'm out of commission for awhile-ish.

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This is Catherine.  Don't let the sweet face fool you.  She's a hellion.  A hellion, who's finally been broken of the pesky habit of dropping hot steamy biscuits in our living room!  Huzzah!   And she has a penchant for sneaking in drawers and confined spaces.  So earlier when hubby and I hadn't seen her all day, we didn't panic, because she hides.  But she wasn't sleeping on top of my sewing material.  And she wasn't antagonizing the boy, Moshe.  And she wasn't felting Timo's shoelaces.  And now... hours later?  We found her.  In the cupboard where the furnace is locked away.  How she got in there is a mystery, but we suspect she's been in there since this morning.  Other than being mighty dusty, she's no worse for wear, but has a hearty appetite.  Poor closet kitteh.

Moshe, our other cat, should have said something.  I rather think he was probably happy just to have the house to himself.  Moshe is the inspiration for every word I write on Crooks.  And though he hasn't quite figured out that he's neutered, and she's neutered - that doesn't stop him from giving it the old college try.  For which Catherine soundly beats his ass. 

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In the on-going search for culture in the Ark-la-tex I went to the Minden Tartan Festival on Sat and a reenactment of the Battle of Pleasant Hill today (Sun).  I would have been done with the Tartan festive in all of 5mins or less if it hadn't been the band NeedFire they imported from Dallas.  NeedFire put on an excellent show - and I couldn't get enough of the bagpipe-rock.  The rest of the fest consisted of 'Looking up your Clan name' (Oooh!), smirking at people sweating in unyielding layers of wool, and looking at Highland cows.  Yes, that exciting.  Though I did hold my breath when the idiot at the hammer throw came frighteningly close to hitting the crowd.

Watching the Civil War reenactment this afternoon was a bit of something else entirely.  And as cringe-worthy as I find the 'The South Will Rise Again' mentality, the reenactors usually put on a decent show.  I was not disappointed.  The artillery was great.  They moved the earth with their resounding cannonades.  The Calvary looked dashing.  The men fearsome.  The Belles, well, some of them had the vapors for real.  Their encampment was excellent too.  Anything out-of-period was tucked away.  

But the most amazing thing of all was the invincibility of the men - or perhaps they couldn't shoot.  I'm not sure.  What I do know is that the first 15 minutes of close combat that filled the battlefield of thick smoke and the smell of blackpowder, not a single soldier was injured.  Historically the South won the engagement, but I wasn't sure how that was going to happen because the North apparently didn't have any casualties until they called for retreat.  In the final 5 minutes of battle all the bullets struck true.  Amazing.

And me?  I pulled my iPod out and threw on some tunes, because watching the reenactment was fun, but having a soundtrack to it was frickin' sweet.  There's got to be something wrong with me. 

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In what has got to be the weirdest form of WTFery Commedy Central played the Ali G Movie for prime time audiences.  It was cut to be made suitable for the time slot, but what got me was what they cut and what they didn't.   Having lots of 'RESKEPT' for Ali, I noticed what was missing.  After all, everything I learned about the UK I learned from Ali.  So when the pensioner tosses off the protesting and shackled Ali, they cut it.  Makes no sense to the plot line as now you have no idea why they chose him to run as a MP.  Apparently you can't cuss in Spanish either, oh English is ok, but they took out the dream sequence where he's confronting a Hispanic gang, but left the dog licking his dong in.  Left the shaven-haven quote about the Queen in too.  Took out the Thai Ambassador popping ping pong balls from her snatch.  Left the two stoned male African Ambassador's kissing in. 

That's some quality cinema.

I just don't get why some things stayed in and others did not, but as I quote from the movie, "We is experts."

I wonder what they'll have to do to make BORAT passable for TV.  I suspect the running time of the film will be 30 mins.



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