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(*Puff Pasties. Not Puff Pasteries. I’m useless at baking. PJ is the go-to gal for that stuff.)

I know, I know… yet another how-to on making pasties. And who hasn’t made at least a hundred sets of tassels? But I promise you, this one is different - we’ll be making Hufflepuff Pasties. Hufflepuff women do have bodacious ta-tas. It’s a fact.

And to those other Houses, I’m sure you’ll figure out something.

PS- I blame the following entirely on [livejournal.com profile] mischievous_t . See the cut for heavy graphics and gratuitous titillation.

Puff Pasties )

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Ok - so it's not all dashikis.  I'm sewing costumes from around the world.  Middle Eastern, Latin American, African, Asian... about the only thing I'm not trying is Native American.

My office is tasked to put on the Multi-Cultural Day - with food, exhibitions, and entertainment for a crowd of over a thousand.  (We had a thousand last year and ran out of food)  I'm running the event this year and have an adequate budget, which is very good.

And amongst all the running around and minor details and ridiculous requests, there's the issue of clothing. 

They want to clothe the volunteers with tradiional garments from around the world.  And do wall displays of folk costumes. 

We had mannequins given to us from a department store, which is very helpful.  But when it comes to the clothing itself, there are two options - either I buy Halloween costumes that look like crap, or I buy real folk costumes which start around $200 depending on the country of origin and go way up from there.  My 'helpful' boss sent me to a website where he liked the clothing ... they were asking for a $600 down payment and the final cost would be decided upon when the beadwork was completed - ah, no.  My budget isn't that grand.

There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. 

And mind you, the even is next week.

I was at an ethnic clothing website and my boss pipes up over my shoulder, "We could buy that one."  And I point out it's $180.  And he shrugs.  Shrugs!!!  So, like an idiot I point out why it's not worth $180.  It's a T-tunic.  That's three seams and a hem!  I could make that on my machine in like a couple of minutes.  An hour if I was doing it right with French seams for like $25 worth of material!


So, now I'm sewing for the event.


But, on the bright side, I did get to go to a fabric store with a credit card that wasn't mine and got to shop like a demon.  Doesn't do me much good, but it was fun. 

I've knocked out the first garment, an oversized tunic with side slits and inset bell sleeves in block printed linen.

One down, twenty to go.


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I had the itch to sew today.  (No whining - TGC will post) So I made this cloak because it was the perfect length of project for my attention span.  It's *twice loved* meaning I recycled the fabric from a wool blanket I found at a thrift shop for $10 (oh and the clasp was about $5).  And I thought, gee... for a fangurl on a tight budget this could find a new home.  I mean, honestly, who goes around wearing cloaks and robes?  So if you figure you're only lightly going to wear something maybe 2 or 3x/year, recycled robes might make sense.  I'm only looking for $40 to cover my expenses and my time, plus postage, which I have no idea how much that will be, but I might be able to fit it into a flat rate box.  Regardless, I don't believe in charging more for shipping than the actual cost, and I will also be at ZibitCon if you want me to bring it with me there.

The wool is very soft and comfortable.  It has minor flaws like thining areas and some staining, but it's not obvious.  I wouldn't have bought it if it was in bad shape.  It passes the wool burn test (acrylic and polyester check).  And if you know anything about sewing, it was cut on the bias for swishiness and to maximize the length and width.  It's a little over a half circle, with a seam up the back.  The edges are blanket sewn, and blend in.  The bottom hem is unhemmed.  Given the weave of this is wool, it's unlikely to fray.  All the seams are sewn with encased French seams, for durability, and the collar sewn down with handstitching.  The clasp is a (fake) gold filigree, but very nice.

It's quite long (originally cut at 50") and falls near my ankles (I'm 5'5").  I would recommend this for someone who is XS, S, to Medium.

First fangurl to email me at apollinawrites at gmail.com can have it. 

More pics after the cut.More pics after the cut )
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But they look like Death Eater robes.

Christev picked out black-on-black brocade she wanted for her robes and a blue satin lining (which is folded up on the end of the ironing board.)  And I was thinking as I was cutting out the hood here, that despite the bright blue lining - they are going to look like DE robes.

I've only partially started my violet linen robes.  I think I'm going to add lace and a cutesy crocheted neckline.  So while Christev will show up to the Hogsmeade Witches Weekend as a Death Eater-wannabe, I'll look like a friend of Umbridge.  I'm not sure which one will instill more fear into people.

On a side note, I have the time and ability to make robes and cloaks.  So if you want something made, contact me at my email or shoot me a message on lj.  Christev wanted a hybrid between the two, so she's getting a full length robe, with long witchy pendant sleeves, a hood, and a throat clasp.  I also have a few Mischief Managed capes already made, including a gorgeous Navy Merino wool cape lined with featherweight lavender silk and hemmed entirely by hand. 

Photograph was taken by a very ignored husband.  Between the writing and the sewing he gets very little time.

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Yes, actual woolgathering.  As you can see, I have quite a bit of it.  What's pictured is mostly folded and stacked against the wall knee-high, and I'm NOT picturing the really thick blanket weight wool which consumes much of my linen closet.  And yes, it's 100% wool.  I'm a fabric snob, and I will make no apologies.  (The linen stack is elsewhere, but it's nearly as high.)

I'm *thinking* of putting my small talents to use and sewing to make some side dosh by making cloaks and robes on etsy.com or ebay. 

I've been sewing for more years than I'm willing to admit, and making witchy things is much easier than churning out more Elizabethan gowns.  So I'm not sure yet.  I think I'm just going to make a bunch of things as my time permits, and when I have the inclination to sew, and if I get a custom order - that'll be fine too. 

Just for giggles I made this cape Sunday.  It's nubbly cotton velvet lined in taffeta. It's rather dishy.  I'm wondering if I can list it for $50 and if that's reasonable given the time and cost of fabric I have invested in it.  I think so.

So, now I just need a name to make fabric labels, and probably a tax ID so I won't get in trouble with the IRS.  Damn.  What should I call myself now?  Any thoughts?  

Help me flist - I suck at naming things.

These were horribly uninspired, but the best I could come up with:

Witchy-wear by AV
AV design studio
ApollinaV - Cloaks and Clothier


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