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(*Puff Pasties. Not Puff Pasteries. I’m useless at baking. PJ is the go-to gal for that stuff.)

I know, I know… yet another how-to on making pasties. And who hasn’t made at least a hundred sets of tassels? But I promise you, this one is different - we’ll be making Hufflepuff Pasties. Hufflepuff women do have bodacious ta-tas. It’s a fact.

And to those other Houses, I’m sure you’ll figure out something.

PS- I blame the following entirely on [livejournal.com profile] mischievous_t . See the cut for heavy graphics and gratuitous titillation.

Before we begin, I’d like to note that these pasties aren’t designed to be worn. They’re actually being used for a whole other project. Bearing that in mind, if you intend to make a pair for your own personal use, I strongly recommend backing it with a soft felt once you’re done. It just looks like it would itch something fierce. Then probably get some theatrical adhesive tape.


Fabric – Scrap fabric will do. I used scraps from making Christev’s robes. Won’t she be thrilled!

Trim – Buy a half yard at most. The trim used was $3.50/yd

Thick fusible interfacing – I used the really thick stuff they make craft bowls and whatnot out of, but I could have gone thinner.

Cheap craft tassels – They are already on a loop, which makes affixing them a snap. $1.99/pkg of 2

Needle/thread – I used strong upholstery thread. Iron. Hot glue gun. Craft scissors.


1. Trace a circle on to your thick fusible interfacing. You want a larger circle than your finished product. I got a 3-inch diameter by tracing around the cusp of a small drinking glass. Cut those circles out.

2. Find the center of your circle, mark it with a pen. Mark a small wedge. It’s easier to explain by looking at the pictures. Essentially you’re cutting a wedge to give your pasties a small cone shape. Cut out the wedge.

3. Fuse your circle to your fabric with your iron. Cut out the circles leaving a fabric allowance. Cut a slit into the fabric from the perimeter straight to the center in the center of your wedge. See photos for illustration.

4. Turn your circles inside-out and sew a small line of stitches along the edge. You want to get close to the edge so that it will turn out fairly flush. Carefully trim away any extra fabric.

5. Run a thin line of hot glue on the inside of your circle, and adhere the seam allowance. Try to make your edges smooth. By this point, you pretty much have a pastie. The rest is just decoration.

6. Use the glue gun to adhere trim, or any kind of decorations you wish – glitter, gemstones, whatever.

7. Push up a needle/thread in the center of your pastie, catch the loop of your tassel, and secure it with a few stitches.


The final product is pinned to my lovely model.

And my many thank yous to my fantastic shop assistant, Catherine. She really tired herself out with this project.

OH - before I forget, in my last How-to I offered hand-cut quills to whoever wanted one. There were no takers. I still have plenty available. Message me if you want one.

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