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Hello. I am around, I just prefer to exclusively post about fandom.

Like many proud alumni of the honorable Hufflepuff House, ApollinaV is a rabbid Huffle-hugger, champion pear-tickler, and founding member of Cleansweep-Streakers Guild (the AV-Eyeful is so named in her honor). Since graduating Hogwarts, she done 'responsible' and 'professional' things - and resolves not to do that anymore. Dreadful amounts of paperwork.

For fun she organizes the Junior Ladies Death Eater and Garden Club, sews cloaks, capes, and wizarding robes, and burns things in her kitchen. She lives with husband and cats (Moshe, Mona and Catherine), in the Midwestern-ish area of the United States, as a Muggle. Her wand is currently non-functioning but it does make a dandy back-scratcher.

Christev, her Beta-reader, and alpha-reader Mischievous_t, are her bestest-bestest friends, cohorts and future co-defendents.

Her work is randomly sprinkled across FFnet, AFF, TPP, and WIKTT archives. She mourns the loss of the OWL archives.
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