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The inflammatory review from the unregistered user 'The mysterious nobody' has been removed. And I'd like to thank my champions: corbye, irishredlass69, lady_karelia, beffeysue, bloodcult, melusin_79, and dickglouster for their support and excellent advice. I was unaware that I could remove it myself. I was under the impression that FFnet didn't allow that, but as the cowardly reviewer is unregistered it was only a few mouse-clicks to do away with it.

I must admit, I was a bit amused by this.  I had no idea that being called black was an insult, or that race had any bearing on writing ability. 
But then, perhaps I just don't get it, because clearly I don't understand the reviewer either.  Regardless, it was petty and bigoted, but now it's gone. Though I rather suspect that the troll reviewer has accomplished their mission by getting people to talk about it.

Please accept my apologies if anyone was offended, I should have been more diligent in removing it the moment it was submitted. But now that I know how to do so, I will endeavor to delete any such future reviews in a timely manner. Simply put, racist crap like this just doesn't have any place in my fandom.


It's not worth it, but if you must, it's here. )
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To my lovely F-list,

You know I love you, don't you?  I do.  Big hearts and stars and unicorns love.  Honest.  But I apologize if recently it seems as if I've been phoning it in a bit.  Small confession: I have been.  I'm thoroughly unmotivated.  It's not you love.  It's me.  I've been fussy and cranky.  It comes from a combination of work, poor diet, killer-exercise schedule that doesn't appear to do anything for my expanding waistline (See: poor diet), and still insane TGC posting schedule - which is beginning to feel a helluva lot like work.  I'm sorry for not being there for you.

We're still cool, right?

Schmootches and all that mushy crap,

PS- Check out the totally bad-ass userpic Christev made for me.  I's gots me very own AK!  Weee!!!  Though an armed AV prolly not a good thing...

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I must be funny.  Brilliant happy funny.

How the hell am I going to manage this?

It started with the realization that Ch 23 is absurdly short.  Then realizing that four straight moody/broody and slightly depressing chapters wear heavily on the fic.  Funny needs to be thrown in there.  A little levity to break things up. 

I can do funny.  I think I can do funny.  Emphasis on the 'think.'    But funny usually takes place when I'm not trying to be funny.  Monday I sat down to remedy the problem... and wrote something decidedly NOT funny.  Fuck.  It's still short.  I have to try harder to be funny.  Yes, that's it.

Damn it.

At least I have a prompt already written in the chapter to bounce off of : Snape with a Slinky.  That ought to be funny, but I haven't been able to manage anything even close.

My one consolation is that if I can't manage funny I might be able to throw in some decent limes.  It seems at any point in time, smut is always appreciated.

Oh... and the chapter needs to be posted by Friday.  No pressure.  No, none at all.

I can only imagine I'll be asking Christev20, my beta, to look at something last minute.  She is going to kill me.  No, she probably won't because she's a ridiculously nice person.  But she really ought to kill me.

Does anyone have any thoughts/advice?  How 'bout ideas for Snape with a Slinky?
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I'm writing backwards today. Well, actually it started last night in Barnes and Nobles. (Shreveport's nightlife consists of smokefilled bars in casinos or coffee at B&N and has all the culture of a petri dish) I've hit such a mental rut in my writing that I don't know how to get past it, but I know where I want to go.

So last night I purchased another small ecojot notebook, which would be my ...fifth... and started to ramble some notes about a chapter oh, let's say a good five or six chapters away from the rut. It interested me. And usually when I can muster up some interest it comes across a page. I notice that in a lot of other writer's works. You can tell when someone's 'phoning it in' which coincidentally has nothing to do with the phone-in option from LJ. (And I loved Lariope's phone in it was beautifully poetic) Sorry, tangents happen...

Anyway, so now I'm writing a chapter WAY out of sequence because it's flowing at this point. Now I just have to wrap up these thoughts and hopefully go back and connect them. Damn thing's written in my head, it's sensible and sounds good, and it's a pretty pink color wiht a slight golden aura. Now only if I can translate that to the page with the same results.

Oh, and never fear intrepid readers, the chapters I'm referring to are about 50,000 words away from where I've last posted.

Though I am fearful that I'll run out of wiggle room and get to the point where I'll not be able to update regularly because I'm still writing. Damn. I hope that doesn't happen. I'm not a fast writer. But breaking the mental roadblock should go far in that direction.

So, today I'm writing backwards. Oh, and sewing a French styled Manteau de Lit for the 18th Century impression. Just look at any Chardin painting, it's what all the ladies wear. Sorry, tangents again.
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How do you prefer to organize your chapters?

I ask because my brain is ticking over this.

Chapter 8 of TGC is short. I knew it was short (1,200 words or so) and I didn't care to make it longer, because that would be filling it with fluff. Originally it was merged with the previous 'wedding' chapter, but I separated them. Personally I like my chapters to be organized in 'full and complete thoughts' like one would an essay or dear god, a thesis... (I suck at cliffies for that very reason)

But a keen AFF reviewer challenged my thought process on this. I see her point, it's the same day. And it's good mental chew.

So I pose the eternal question, one that has probably been batted back and forth forevah:

How do you prefer to organize your chapters?
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I posted the next TGC chapter and bit my fingers (no, not my thumbs, nay I do not bite my thumb at thee, nor do I quarrel Sir). I confess I have some aprehension at this point.

Many reviewers have gleefully referenced that Severus will force her to bear his children.

I thought I made it abundantly clear that he hadn't required her to do so, but only said 'if it comes to pass...' Hence the whole 'Voldemort rising from his scattered ashes and I haven't already killed myself' line. Yet I worry when so many reviewers have come to the conclusion that SS wants to force HG to bear him his children, that I have lead them astray. I worry that I need to go back and re-write to make things painfully obvious. I meant to tantalize, sugggest, foreshadow, yes, but not lead astray. Did I goof, or is this a lack of reading comprehension?

I do wonder what the average reading level of my readers are though. That may explain some of it.

I'm starting to second guess myself as reviews are coming in. Of course I can't say 'No, your theory is wrong because *this* happens.' But I sooo totally want to. It's like having a secret I really really want to spill. Sigh.

I know I should be more confident in my work and just let it be. Or accept that some people will never get subtlety, and other don't appreciate (Gryffindor) bluntness. Or whatever.

In the same vein of 'I suck at naming characters' I named Hermione's bear Pud. My younger brother Darren had a Paddington Bear that he would cutely pronounce as Puddington, or usually just Pud. For me, that was my favorite part of the chapter.

Aside from the vows.

I did my damndest to write the most HORRID and UNROMANTIC Ministry-approved marriage vows. It seemed appropriate for a Marriage Law Fic. It took a moment of WWPD? What-Would-Percy-Do? thinking. It took all the willpower I had within me not to write, "Will you Severus Theodore Snape pledge your steadfast and abiding love to Hermione, uphold the terms of your matrimonial contract, and support the Ministry approved guidelines governing the sacred and holy bond of marriage and cauldron-bottom thickness?”


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