3 Jan 2013 04:32 pm
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I've made the transition to DW. It didn't take nearly as long as they warned me it would. All around, I find it rather comfy here and hope to find some friends.

Oh, yeah, and this...

up yours, lj
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That squee you heard?  The one that nearly took out your eardrum?  Sorry about that.  It was me. 

November is Prolific Author Month at the [livejournal.com profile] quiz_sshg, and I'm this week's Author!  ~twirls~ 

So much fangirl joy!  Go play!

SSHG Quiz, Prolific Author Month
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I'm on the SSHG quiz!  And I have a lovely (and ominous looking) banner for it.  ~pets shiny~  Thank you, ladies! 

This round's theme is Azkaban and I thought there must have been a mix up because I was put on the quiz for writing Sleep Tight.  I thought, I never wrote Sleep Tight.  Must be someone else.  And lo... I'd forgotten all about writing it.  The SSHG Quiz is a wonderful resource for discovering new fics, even if they are your own.  So go play and have fun!
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I'm so excited to be on the SSHG Quiz!  The theme is Crookshanks and I adore the ginger monster.

Familiars come in all shapes and sizes. There are owls and cats and toads and kneazles. Haven't you always wanted a kneazle of your very own? Hermione didn't know quite what she was getting into when she rescued Crookshanks. He's a clever and devious little beastie who will do whatever it takes to make his mistress happy. This week's SSHG Quiz is all about Crookshanks!

There are many hilarious and fantastic fics to read and enjoy... so go play!
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I'm very excited!  Flungfromorbit is recording Next of Kin to her youtube channel.  She just posted Chapter One.

Wanna hear it?

Isn't that so cool?
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For Monday and posting every Friday thereafter.


Pets Shiny

4 Jun 2012 02:15 pm
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I have my prompts! 

I am ~bouncy bouncy~ excited to be writing for my recipient.  This year will definitely challenge my comfort zone.  The Exchange Mods are indeed fabulously wonderful.

Now, to ponder.
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Ack! As usual, I am tardy. 

Clicky clicky )
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I will miss you, OWL.  I will miss your kinship and community.  The generosity of your nurturing Mods, who gave their time and talent so freely.  The friendships that formed over the House Cup and the delight of reading your many splendid pages.  I discovered so many of my favorite authors in your collection.  You were unique and beautiful.  You will be missed.
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I feel very full of so much warmth and love right now; I could power a Care Bear rainbow.  The Exchange was a positive experience and I am thankful for everyone who participated.  Truly, the beautiful SSHG community is the greatest gift – thank you Mods, [livejournal.com profile] scatteredlogic, [livejournal.com profile] shiv5468, and [livejournal.com profile] ginny_weasley31for enabling our grand adventure.  

I was fortunate to receive two amazing gifts.  Art!!!  Squeeful art from the very talented [livejournal.com profile] acadia_elle!  Thank you so much for the gorgeous woodblock wedding portrait and the snogging silhouettes!  I absolutely adore your creative vision and want to thank you again for all the time and talent you put into two stunning gifts.

I produced Summer with Sasquatch for [livejournal.com profile] camillo1978.  Thank you, Camillo1978 for the wonderfully wacky prompt.  I adore Gilderoy and you let me play with him and Severus.  I hope the story hits all the right notes for you.  Big heart and lots of love!  I’d also like to thank everyone who commented on the story! 

Huge hug-squishies for my favorite fangirls, [livejournal.com profile] mischievous_t and [livejournal.com profile] christev.   Mis_t alpha read for me and Christev beta’d.  They’re both 100% pure awesome.  Also, Mis_t is kinda scary if you don’t produce wordz for her.  It’s wonderful!

Additional thanks must be given to [livejournal.com profile] pearle9240for the beautiful book icon!  It’s made of love!  And the Exchange BINGO Girls!  You rocked my Exchange and deserve all sorts of stuff…   *gives BINGO Mods extra H’s*

~blows kiss~
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There's going to be a Fiber Arts Symposium in Tyler, 23 July.  It's Free!  And open to the public - no garb, plain clothes.  I think they're just asking for site donations at the door to say thank you to the church for hosting the event.   


The classes are very tempty tempty if you're in the Tyler area.

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I am, (per usual), behind everyone else.  Preferences beneath Cut Line.


Clicky clicky )
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~feels accomplished~

Today I looked at my last picspam post and I realized how much progress I've made since April.  I can now identify my wool breeds by touch.  I'm dyeing my own raw wool, raw silk, and raw bamboo fibers.  I'm slowly mastering three techniques - wet felting, nuno felting, and needle felting.  And I'm able to look at wool roving and know roughly what my finished piece will look like - sometimes I'm able to make that happen. 

I've progressed a fair bit since my erm... 'lump o' wool' disaster, so I figured I'd share a handful of pics with you.

Picspam cut.


Pics! )


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Picspam is of the felting variety.  Even though it's a lot, it's only limited to a few things - I need to sell soon just to have space.

As for writing, I'm nearly done with the gift fic for morethansirius (I only owed it to her months ago).  It keeps growing and growing. But now that I'm in the last stretch, the words just aren't coming.  I'm not happy about that.  I need to kick my own butt and finish it.  I think a writing goal of chap/week is reasonable... let's hope that works.

Many of my friends are going through rough patches at the moment. I feel blessed that right now my life has been mercifully calm.  My love, support, and warm hugs to all who need/want them.

graphics heavy felt pics )


28 Apr 2010 04:48 pm
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JOY!  Outrageous amounts of joy!

This morning Mr. AV had a meeting with the director of an artist co-op.  Before he left the house, I stuffed some of my handmade felted pieces in his pockets, with the directions of, "If it's appropriate for conversation, will you show these to them?  If not, it's cool."

He returned this afternoon with a gallery-space and gift shop contract.  They LOVE it.  They don't have anyone exhibiting anything close to what I do, and they're chomping for pieces for their shop.  They loved the purse... and have asked for 10-15 more, bigger if possible.  And they suggest I raise my prices.



(Now all I've got to do is make 10-15 more purses...)

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Muse being cranky?  Words not flowing?  Take a lookey at this.

Go claim your banner and win.


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Haaaalp!   Gilderoy stumped me!  (Man, is that embarassing to admit.)

Okay my crafty friends, does anyone know how to answer this one?

On Movie!Gilderoy's duelling vest there is a gold embroidered emblem over his heart.  It is about the size of the palm of my hand.  It features a large 'G,' capped by a crown, and the crown, of course, features little hearts.  (Awe.)

Bugger if I know how to make one.

If you can name it, I've tried it.  Embroidery hoop with gold floss, by hand.  Embroidery hoop with gold thread, by machine.  I've also searched everywhere for something sorta-kinda-ish-if-you-squint mass manufactured appliques - nothing close.


Here's the duelling vest.  The dummy it's on has breasts, but the vest is fitted for me -without breasts.  So the dimensions look a bit 'off.'

Gilderoy Dueling vest

All help is appreciated.

EDIT:  Woot!  Problem solved.  Thanks flist!
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Please if you have a moment, stop by the community [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti . 

The premise is simple: very talented people are offering their art/talents/food/writing/etcs. in an auction closing Wednesday 20 January. 

In lieu of payment to the artist - you make a charitable donation to a relief agency - Red Cross, Red Cresent, UNICEF, etc... 

I have offered a wool and silk demi-cloak here:  http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/822.html?thread=2869046#t2869046
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How did I miss this?  My internet was down for several days, but there's no excuse!  I'm sorry for not posting this sooner.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

The Ravenclaws gave me the prettiest shinies for The Gilded Cage and Hufflepa.

It's one thing to lose graciously, but there's something to be said for graciously winning.  Very classy, Claws.  Thank you again.  You gave us a mighty good chase.  And we Puffs missed First Place bythatmuch  (or something like that).

The House Cup was so much fun.  I'm definitely looking forward to it next year!

Huffle-hugs to all!


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